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baked quinoa crusted chicken with peanut sauce

Photos shown with thinly sliced English cucumber and Soba/buckwheat noodles. You can find soba noodles in the Asian food aisle at major grocery stores nowadays.

As food-label reading became one of my daily activities over the years, I came to know many packaged crumbs contain seeds or nuts. We happen to be an allergy-conscious family where we have to be aware of what we put in our mouths and control the intake of some foods (or not at all). We do enjoy foods regardless but the real problem lies in finding that crunch married to a good sauce without taking that pink pill, Benedryl.

One of the things I love to do is to find something that’s versatile (without hurting us, of course); something that I can use for different dishes and that can add different flavors throughout the busy week. If one thing can be used twice in a week for 2 different dishes, hey, score because trying to decide what to do for dinner can be a real pain.

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