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Green Tea Tapioca Pudding

I came to really appreciate the green tea when I moved to New York, about 17 years ago. Drinking a hot cup of green tea meant nothing to me growing up as it was always there, and it’s sad for me to admit that as I’m Japanese. My grandfather used to serve me a hot cup of tea with Japanese sweets that were pretty intricate while he was kneading the soba noodle dough. It came with the warning – not to touch the dough until ready. I used to ignore his words and poke the soft yet neatly rounded dough while he was not looking. And I loved it. Then 3 o’clock tea time with my grandmother, with my favorite Japanese sponge cake, Kasutera (or Castella). Some times, you have to be far away (physically) to realize what’s important and appreciate what you grew up with; the green tea for me happens to be one of them.

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I said yes when Mad Scientist asked me if I wanted very ripe bananas. Don’t ask where he got them, but my gain. And there I was, staring at the ingredients again. I don’t know why I do this but I think I’m trying to let them tell me what they want to be. The vibe was… banana bread, again.


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