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Asparagus Cheddar Focaccia

I’ve been trying to perfect my bread baking skills for a few months. I still am not satisfied with sandwich breads, but I think I finally am able to say that I got the basics covered now. For me, baking with the yeast was really intimidating. I’ve done breads on and off, and they were great as they were “home-made” but an attractive magic word of “home-made” did not make me feel any better than how they came out. Mad Scientist’s been honest with the outcome and kindly called some of my previous creations “Rocks.” He was right. I think I never was eager enough to get good at it.

But let me show you the reason why I wanted to perfect my bread baking. (below)


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Deviled Potato with Egg Yolk Filling

My exploration started when I asked… “what if I stuffed this in this?” As I research the history of this widely known dish, deviled eggs, I came to know a lot of things, like… they still call them deviled eggs even if there are no spicy ingredients. There are parts of the world that avoid the word “devil” for a variety of reasons. It also has a long history, many not known much. Whether it’s called stuffed eggs or deviled eggs, it conceptually is the same appetizer we know of; a dollop of creamy egg yolk mixture stuffed in a hard-boiled egg white cup.


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