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Lab Journal: May 14, 2013


I’m sitting here looking at a pile of food magazines, cook books, and notes. I have things to organize and follow up while I wait for the dinner to come out of the oven. It’s been quite busy at work and I couldn’t get around to completing some recipes I wanted to post. So trying something different this week – it’s a link list. Idea came from 101 Cookbooks. (Thanks, Heidi)

This past Mother’s Day, I served:

Random thoughts & readings:

  1. The Peckish Kiwi says: May 17, 20136:45 pm

    Wow, what a Mother’s Day spread. How organised do you have to be in the kitchen to pull all that together?!

    • keig says: May 18, 201311:25 am

      I planned it ahead of time, so it wasn’t too difficult comparing to last year’s mother’s day. But thanks!!!

  2. Steph @ SeeStephRun.com says: May 21, 20139:16 am

    I am so impressed- that is one heck of a delicious spread!!!! How long did that take you to pull together? I feel like lately I have’t really “gone all out” in the kitchen. I know work and life are the reasons but I miss pulling together delicious spreads like that!

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