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Hi, I’m Kei (pronounced as KAY) and the caretaker of the lab@56, where I share my food/cooking experiments.

I decided to separate my food posts from my personal site after Hurricane Sandy. It was something I wanted to do but never did. I know you heard this kind of excuse. It sounds lame, I know. This superstorm put my family back to the basic. I still cooked with the limited resources I’ve had, and that includes our fabulous Weber Grill with a side burner we’ve never used. While I was mad about losing my precious collection of flours over the flood, I realized that the food still brought everyone together during the recovery and I loved the fact I had to be simple but creative. I also took up a project of perfecting the bread baking (which was also one of my long-term projects) when things settled a bit to keep me sane from the chaos. A blink and a half later, here’s the website.

Some things never change no matter what happens; I’m still obsessed with food. I think it’s my creative outlet. I’m an avid green tea drinker, bacon lover, and certified chocoholic. I’m sure you can tell what else is on the list. I’m always hungry. And my cooking, it involves a lot of garlic. Yes, garlic.

I started cooking when I was very young as both of my parents worked. From sushi to meatloaf, I cooked them all. I also was the most pickiest eater that you can imagine and had limited list of food I would eat back then. Veggies? What’s that.

I learned eating healthier back in 2002 or so. I also became good at substituting ingredients along the way. The game changer was my now-husband. Let’s call him the Mad Scientist. He introduced me to different types of vegetables I haven’t heard of. Of course, my cooking expanded. I also had special someone to cook and sincerely enjoy the food with. I became in charge of what we call “the lab.”

I call the dishes I make “experiments” just because I believe that it’s all about discovery. And I love that, a lot.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks for stopping by.

Some stuff about the site

My family just happens to have food allergies, so you may not see some of the ingredients that you may see on other sites. I come from a stand point where we all should be able to enjoy foods regardless, so it’s not a discrimination that I don’t use certain ingredients.

I try almost all recipes or ideas as long as it looks/sounds good in all cuisines and dietary restrictions, and substitute ingredients if necessary with trial and error to fit my needs. You may have different ideas and I’d love to hear about it. I’m just sharing my experiments. You some times may only see a photo of a final product with a link to a recipe. That’s because I determine that there was no need for a change (meaning it fit my taste). It is their recipe and I’m the share-r. Where applicable, I also include “Adapted from” with a link. It means that I made changes to an original recipe to make it my version so that it fits our needs.

All photos on this website are taken by me with my beloved Nikon DSLRs. I also use cell phone and point & shoot camera. If you like my shot, great. If you want to use it, that’s awesome, please drop me a line and let me know so that I can stop by and say hi.

Lastly, I am a long time Amazon Affiliate. This means, if you click on some of the links I post and purchase an item from Amazon.com, I receive a super small percentage of the sales. This is done to cover some of the cost of running this website. Whenever possible, I plant a tree through CarbonFund.org to offset my carbon footprint.